Son of a Sailor was inspired by Jimmy Buffet's song with the same theme. Purchased by a very dear friend, this window is almost 30" across. Both the owner and the scarlet macaw, look wistfully towards the sea, hoping to return to the Caribbean soon! The red waterglass border reinforces the compass concept, reminding us to keep a "weather eye" on the horizon and to always be looking forward to adventures yet to come.  




  King of the Blue Ridge 

has happily lived at his home at Wintergreen Snow Resort since 1993. The far off mountains are actually layered from behind the sky glass to give the illusion of distance. Even though it was one of my first serious pieces, it is still one of my favorites.



Here Comes the Sun

 is an impressive piece, measuring over 29" across and having over 300 glass cabochons around it's border. The face is a molded piece of iridized clear and he is smiling at the stars trying to outshine him.




R is for Rosemond  

This panel was commissioned as a wedding gift for a young lady anticipating her new name change.









          The Eagle Flies at Night

A unique  26" x 31" panel featuring unusual Kokomo glass with deep purple, blue and amber streaks swirling around an incredible beveled eagle, bordered with more bevels and glossy black glass for a truly dramatic piece.





Who can resist Eyeore?  This adorable fellow was made as a birthday present for a beloved young wife who had Eyeore in everything but   stained glass!       










This Japanese Waterlillies panel was commissioned by a lady who moved often but still wanted stained glass in her decor wherever she lived.







Magnificent Magnolias was created as a panel to sell on Ebay. A lady judge from New Jersey purchased it and she was happy to report that it arrived at her home in perfect condition. Thank Goodness!


Modern Art finds its way into a kitchen in the horse country of Virginia.  Agate slices are added to the glass panels to complement the granite countertops.




A special gift for a retiring minister, this dove window panel will travel with him wherever he goes and be a loving reminder of his time in Lynchburg.






This little guy was created as a gift to hang in a best friend's kitchen.  The view was less than desirable, so stained glass was the logical solution!