Here are a few examples of my custom religious windows:


This was a very fulfilling project to work on and working with the members of Triumph Baptist Church in Pamplin, Virginia was pure joy. The committee was cooperative and insightful and I enjoyed helping them with this improvement to their 80 year old church. Originally the windows were solid pieces of amber opaque glass installed into the aged frames. Many of the pieces were cracked, broken and mismatched. I encouraged the church to keep their original woodwork, including the frames and to let me build and install the new sections, reusing some of their 80 year old glass. The result is this georgeous window you see here. We began work on this church in September of 2003 and we were able to complete all 17 different sized windows, from doors to transoms and the 6 large sanctuary windows, in less than 12 weeks. As we had promised, we finished before their Christmas services. At Stained Glass by Jini, we pride ourselves on unique designs, which are NEVER duplicated. Each church window, no matter how large or small, reflects the dignity and character of each sanctuary and it's congregation.


The two windows featured here are from Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia. It was new construction, completed in 2002 and used commercial style split windows in the sanctuary and a large ten foot by twelve foot gable window facing out over the front door and into the foyer. Though the pictures do not show it clearly, the crosses are made out of glue chipped bevels, which refract the sunlight and shine miniature rainbows throughout the interior spaces. The mosaic design was inspired by the modern look of the new building and an attempt to move away from the traditional and repetitive construction of most church windows. Look closely at the gable window and you will see how the sixteen separate sections flow together into one complete image. The top of the window is twenty-five feet in the air and required the rental of a special indoor crane to install!


The window below was created in honor of a retiring minister at Beulah Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. This glorious panel is six feet wide and four feet high. The artist who painted the hands and face is Nikki Williams.


   This is one of a set four windows for Marsh Memorial United Methodist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia.  The congregation commissioned us to build these windows to duplicate 8 windows they already had, and we decided to use zinc came in lieu of the weaker lead so that reinforcing bars would not be needed. The result is a window with a cleaner design that will not weaken with exposure to the elements. They chose to have 1/4"  acrylic installed to the outside of the stained glass to protect their new investment.      



Glory in the Clouds


This window was commissioned for the House of Prayer in Bent Creek, Virginia. The inspiration for the project was to be positive and upbeat ... Jesus welcoming his children into the kingdom of heaven. Ann Marshall did a fantastic job painting the hands and face. The dove behind Jesus was made from Armstrong white wispy over a multicolored Kokomo glass backgound. The window measures    34" x 68".








         This window was commissioned by Chestnut Grove Baptist Church near Appomatox, Virginia. What makes this windows special is that the church had recently installed new factory double hung windows into their 100 year old building and then decided to have stained glass decorate their sanctuary.  A close look willshow the window latches cut out of the purple pieces of glass in the top section of the window so they will still open and close.     


  The window below was created as a memorial for Nellie Laughlin donated to Gethsemane Baptist Church by her husband Nelson.




One of 7 windows installed for a church in Boone's Mill, Virginia.  The windows in the 100 year old church were deteriorating and they also had several different sizes.  This design was created to disguise the different shaped windows and still let the congregation have some creative input with a variety of design in the centerpieces.