Mudpuppy's: The name says it all. This stained glass panel adorns the front door of a popular sports emporium in Lynchburg Virginia. Great food, pool tables and wide screen TVs for year round fun for all.




This project involved replacing the separate glass sections in the transom and we used the same texture of glass as the background behind the carosel horse, the owner's favorite collectable. She has since sold this house and was unable to take her prize with her ... the new owners insisted the horse had to stay.    









A dentist office with lots of style! Another Frank Lloyd Wright inspired piece which lends itself to drama and function as it gives waiting room patients and admirers privacy.










This customer had to dodge "Historic Districting" rules to get her much desired style (and privacy). Fortunately again, the rules instruct that no changes could be made to the exterior of the house...i.e. NEW windows or doors ... we just decorated the ones that were already there!







A common problem here again. Factory doors and sidelights with no pizazz. The simple solution is to remove the interior molding, which exposes a groove in which to secure the stained glass panel. Then carefully reinstall the old molding or new moldings if the customer desires.







A interesting front door... I didn't know hummingbirds liked magnolias but oh well, it's pretty! It just goes to show that anything is possible. I enjoy all of the ideas I get from my customers and I'm glad to help them have a stained glass piece of art they will enjoy for years to come.    



 Another interesting piece bought by a local Scottsville resident.