Frank Lloyd Wright style Waterlillies  Here's the fabulous transom for the Plagenhoef family.  This window is 5 feet across and graces the front entry of their home in Alexandria, Va.  The sunny amber waterglass sky rests behind the gray baroque mountains. The other colors accentuate the other decor inside their home.   The photo below is the "before" view.





Transom windows at Moose Lodge 1727 in scenic Campbell County Virginia.   


This transom window is really one of a pair in the great room of the Torrence Family.  Careful color selection was made to match their oriental rug. 



This one of several sparkling windows in a fabulous new home in Lynchburg, Virginia. 




This 6 foot transom is near the Jersey Shore and is a colorful addition to the client's condo.



Custom designed by an avid quilter, this eliptical transom disguises the embedded mullions of the factory window.  




 A lovely transom window for over the front door was ordered as a Christmas present for who else?  Meme!  



The Hudgin's Heron is one of three pieces in this home. It graces the master bath and brightens an otherwise boring view.





The pieces shown to the right and below are in the Hudgin's kitchen and dining room respectively.



Another factory mullioned window. An accurate paper template that shows where the shadows of the mullions are is helpful when creating the design.





 Indian Sunset for the Reynold's family is 50" across and has 13 beveled diamonds.







Installed octagon window featuring the Peaks of Otter.  Bevels around the border throw rainbow prisms sparkling in the family room every afternoon. 






Another beautiful transom with cardinals and dogwood blossoms.  The "fuzziness" of the picture is because I built it back in 1992, long before digital cameras were so affordable!